Under the Radiation Oncology Section, Radiation Therapy is a form treatment against cancer that uses large doses of high energy beams particles to destroy cancer cells.

radiotherapyRadiotherapy is a multidisciplinary specialty which uses complex equipment and radiation sources for the delivery of treatment.  External Beam Radiation Therapy in Lung Center of the Philippines uses a medical linear accelerator which produces different photon and electron energies customised to the need for the care of patients.

The aim of radiotherapy is to deliver a very accurate dose of radiation to a very well defined target volume with minimal dose to the surrounding healthy tissues resulting in the eradication of the disease, the prolongation of life or the improvement in the quality of life.

Equipments in Radiotherapy:radiotherapy

Radiotherapy uses different state of the art equipments to enable expert radiation oncologists manage the treatment of their patients using ionizing radiation.

Varian Medical System's Acuity.  This provides planning,

radiotherapy  radiotherapy

simulation and verification system combining advanced imaging techniques and software capabilities to support basic simulation and complex treatment plan verification in one fully integrated system. 

CT Scan HITACHI Pronto:  

radiotherapy     radiotherapy

Equipped with flat table top, external positioning lasers (LAP) and specialised software in acquiring three dimensional images of the patient for treatment planning and simulation.    

Medical Linear Accelerator: Varian's CLINAC CX:  

radiotherapy radiotherapy 

This Linear Accelerator is capable of performing conventional external beam radiation therapy, three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT) and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

radiotherapy radiotherapy

ARIA Oncology Information System:radiotherapy

Offers comprehensive cancer care solutions for patients undergoing cancer management.  This configuration permits the sharing of the following patient information between departments for more streamlines care delivery.

Contains patient demographic information, schedules, documentation and clinical note.

Treatment Planning System: ECLIPSE

radiotherapy  radiotherapy

Eclipse is an intergrated and comprehensive treatment planning system supporting radiation treatment modalities.  Eclipse seamlessly opens door for clinicians to create, import and optimise plans in the medical linear accelerator.  Eclipse integrates the ARIA oncology information system.

Services Available:

  • Conventional Radiation Therapy
  • Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT)
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

The Staff:

IN HOUSE Radiation Oncologists

  1. Sherwin I. Cala, MD
  2. Anthony Albert N. Abad, MD
  3. Lourdes B. Barretto, MD
  4. Angela D. Gaerlan, MD
  5. Frances Lily Lantin-PeƱano, MD

VISITING Radiation Oncologist

  1. Antonio F. Alonzo, MD
  2. Maria Angelica G. Alquero, MD
  3. Arneil U. Ang, MD
  4. Maria Teresa U. Benedicto, MD
  5. Evita P. Bondoc, MD
  6. Lorelei L. Chavez, MD
  7. Ma. Elsie M. Dimaano, MD
  8. Josephine T. Enriquez, MD
  9. Edilberto Joaquin V. Fragante, MD
  10. Michael Martin H. Malabanan, MD
  11. Jesus Randy C. Rivera, MD
  12. Joanna Athel B. Embestro-Rodriguez, MD


  1. Dan Joseph S. Manlapaz, CMP
  2. Karen Ruth P. Gorio, MSc
  3. Ferdinand B. Dancel, RRT
  4. Mhay O. Atienza, RRT
  5. Alan B. Bombon, RRT
  6. Amie Jean D. Buya, RRT
  7. Jervencio L. Cuevas, RRT
  8. Arian R. Granil, RRT
  9. Arden Ferdinand G. Malamug, RRT
  10. Darcy Glenn M. Vicencio, RN
  11. Robert S. Guittap
  12. Ma. Angelica B. Magpantay