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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) ranks as one of the major causes of disability in the Philippines today. The natural history of COPD, namely emphysema and chronic bronchitis, causes progressive irreparable structural pulmonary damage and diminishes the cardio-respiratory reserves.  

COPD is a disabling illness that affects not only the physical well-being of an individual, but his mental, emotional, socials and functional status as well. Reduced functional capacity frequently leads to vocation displacement.

The chronic nature of the disease and the costs involved in the treatment and follow-up of the patient’s condition places his family under undue stress.  

It is apparent that patients with COPD have multiple problems, and they require hours of attention, education and training that no physician, however dedicated, can possibly spare due to a busy practice.   

As a result, patients may be non compliant in using prescribed medications, causing dyspnea to progress and limiting their activities. The consequence is often a cycle of apprehension, fear and increasing inactivity.

Although the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) rehabilitation program is aimed at providing good comprehensive respiratory care to alleviate the symptoms of respiratory impairment, health education remains to be a powerful tool in helping the patient gain the motivation and develop the skill to improve functional ability and prevent problems that undermine functional skills. Through education, the patient achieves the optimal capability to carry out his activities in daily life.

As such, the Lung Center of the Philippines has thought it relevant to organize a COPD Support Group to educate and train COPD patients and to assist them in their needs. Specific objectives of the group are:

    • To educate COPD patients and their relatives on the features and management
         of their condition;
    • To train patients in developing the skills in achieving optimal capability for
         carrying out activities of daily living or being as productive as they can be;
    • To assist patients in their needs related to their disease;
    • To offer counseling in order to relieve patients from the stigma of their condition
         and the limitations that COPD poses to their lifestyle;
    • To provide a system of mutual support and social activities among its members
    • To serve the public information and dissemination regarding COPD

The Center, through the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Section, conducts lectures and physical therapy on patients diagnosed with COPD, and subsequently encourages them to join the COPD Support Group.

COPD Support Group members meet several times a year to attend refresher courses and to socialize. General Assemblies are conducted three times a year—first, in January during the COPD Support Group Foundation Anniversary, second, in August during Lung Month, and third, during the Christmas season.

Members of the COPD Support Group also receive additional benefits like free vaccinations: influenza vaccination and pneumococcal vaccination. 

Head Office : Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Section
Telephone No.: 924-6101 to 20 local 240