The Critical Airway Management and Training, will make significant improvement in the areas of patient safety, team communication, equipment availability and response efficiency.  It will also offer training to other specialties to be more competent in handling patients with critical and difficult airways.  


Airway management is a procedure and essential skill necessary not only for the anaesthesiologists but to all physicians.  Optimal resuscitative treatment of medical and trauma patients often revolves around timely and effective airway interventions that can be challenging in the acute setting, especially in critical patients.

Objectives / Goals :

1. To ensure safety of all patients with critical/difficult airway by the application of
    advanced  knowledge, skill, techniques and devices.

2. To educate and update Clinicians of the Lung Center of the Philippines and other
    specialties from all other hospitals with the current knowledge on airway
    management and the use of advanced airway devices.

3. To establish the Lung Center of the Philippines Difficult Airway Algorithm.

4. To conduct research activities pertaining or related to critical/difficult airway

5. To establish links with different centers / hospitals in the entire Philippines for
    ready access and consult of their own critical/difficult airway problems.

6. To conduct surveys and gather factual information related to critical/difficult
    airway cases. Thus, will establish The Philippine Critical/Difficult Airway

7. To collaborate with International Airway Societies for the advancement of our
    knowledge and skills.

8. To establish The Lung Center of the Philippines Critical/Difficult Airway website.