Last update: 26 August 2022

Project TitleSuppliers NameNotice of Award (NOA)Notice to Proceed (NTP)Ordering Agreement / P.O.
Procurement of Multi-Purpose Paper, A4 for MMD Stock Use PO#25228Embu IntegratedNOANTPPO
Procurement of Laptop Computer for Director’s Office Use PO#25180QuadstarNOANTPPO
Procurement of Desktop Computers for Research and Development Use PO#25231MacrologicNOANTPPO
Procurement of Printer for HRMD, Accounting, ER Covid, Medical Records and GAD use PO#25181AblazeNOANTPPO
Procurement of continuous form, 1 ply for MMD stock use PO#25239 Reliance Printing Corporation NOANTPPO