Bronchiectasis Support Group is a program aimed to educate and train patient with bronchiectasis in developing skills to relieve their symptoms and achieved their highest functional capacity. It is also a venue for mutual support and socialization among its members. The program is done while in a group, but the exercise is appropriate to the specific needs of individual participant.

The Rehabilitation Medicine Division offers Pulmonary Rehabilitation for patients diagnosed with Bronchiectasis.

The Program consists of the following:

  • 6-weeks exercise program consisting of 2 sessions per week (12 sessions)
  • Each session has incorporated Airway Clearance Techniques and Bronchial Hygiene
  • Lectures on Bronchiectasis, Medications, Energy Conservation Techniques, Chest
    Physical Therapy, Stress and Dietary Management.

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For more information and for further inquiries, please contact us at:

LCP Direct Line: (02) 8924-6101 local numbers:
Rehabilitation Medicine Division – 3011 to 3012