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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Support Group Program

Lung Center of the Philippines COPD Support Group is a program for patients with EMPHYSEMA and CHRONIC BRONCHITIS. The program aims to relieve the patient’s symptoms and bring him to the highest possible functional capacity. The program is individualized, multidisciplinary and interactive.

Specific objectives of the program are:

  • To educate COPD patients and their relatives on the features and management of their condition;
  • To train patients in developing the skills in achieving optimal apability for carrying out activities of daily living or being as productive as they can be;
  • To assist patients in their needs related to their disease;
  • To offer counseling in order to relieve patients from the stigma of their condition and the limitations that COPD poses to their lifestyle;
  • To provide a system of mutual support and social activities among its members
  • To serve the public information and dissemination regarding COPD

COPD Support Group members meet several times a year to attend refresher courses and to socialize. General Assemblies are conducted three times a year—first, in August during Lung Month, second, in November during World COPD Day, and third, during the Christmas season.

For more information and for further inquiries, please contact us at:

LCP Direct Line: (02) 8924-6101 local numbers:
Rehabilitation Medicine Division – 3011 to 3012