The Education and Training Department (ETD) of the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) is the newest department of the institution, being created last March 15, 2019. The vision is directed towards being the hub in education and training of the LCP. The mission is to provide education and training to the employees and clients of the LCP through quality-driven methods with the use of technology, creativity and innovation.

This Department is assigned to plan, design, implement, monitor and evaluate the Training Programs of the human capital of the LCP including its external clients. The Education and Training Department (ETD) will focus on three priority areas: Manpower, Training Programs, and Office Management. In each priority area, there will be a long term personal and professional growth; setting of short term goals encompassing education and training objectives and plans that are exact, but wide-ranging enough to allow change including but not limited to key responsibilities and objectives; formulation of a continuing learning plan; inculcating lifelong learning as an integral part of education and training through staying relevant; augmentation of knowledge and skills; regularly monitor and evaluate progress; and continuously check and re-align education and training plans with the changing time.

To ensure that employees will be able to perform their duties and obligations effectively and efficiently, they will undergo training/s which will provide: (a) professional growth and development, (b) benefit the patients, the clients and the institution (c) job satisfaction and (d) enhancement of the human capital.