Emergency Room
The Emergency Room of the Lung Center of the Philippines is a state-of-the-art facility manned by competent and dedicated medical specialists and allied personnel who are highly trained to provide acute care to pulmonary and thoracic emergencies.

A separate Covid-19 Triage and Emergency Treament Facility is also available to provide medical consultation and perform diagnostic tests for Covid-19 related concerns.

The LCP Emergency Room boasts of newly acquired state-of-the-art mechanical ventilators for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation, vital signs and cardiac monitors, and transport stretchers. It operates twenty four hours a day, Monday to Sunday.

The Out-Patient Department (OPD) of the Lung Center of the Philippines operates from Monday to Friday and provides front-line services for the service patients with pulmonary and chest diseases.

Its clinic services include a General OPD manned by pulmonary specialists for all kinds of medical lung diseases, a Thoracic Surgery clinic for surgical and postoperative cases, a Pain clinic manned by Thoracic Anesthesiologists for pain management of chronic cases like malignancies, and various Specialty Clinics that provide comprehensive care for patients with specific lung diseases such as COPD, Bronchial Asthma, PTB, and thoracic malignancies (Oncology).

Patients who prefer to have pay consultations with their own attending physicians have the option go directly to the Private Doctors’ Clinics where the clinics of practicing specialists not only in chest medicine but other fields of specialization are situated. 

New Services: COVID-19 Home Care Package Program

Programs under the OPD
The LCP OPD also oversees the advocacy and community service arm of the institution, and serves as an entry point to different programs of the LCP such as Healthy Lungs Program, Asthma Club, COPD Support Group, Smoking Cessation Program and MDRTB-DOTS Program.

  1. Healthy Lung Program
    The Healthy Lungs Program of LCP is an educational program that holds educational workshops for community healthcare practitioners and primary care physicians, with the aims of promoting lung health and empowering local healthcare workers in basic pulmonary management at the grassroots level. We also provide community outreach programs to provide lay education on cough hygiene, health lifestyle, asthma, COPD, TB, ill effects of smoking and air pollution. The program also aims to screen for asthma, COPD and TB for at-risk individuals by providing free chest X-rays and lung function testing.
  2. The Asthma Club
    The LCP Asthma Club is a program that serves to educate asthma patients on their condition and how to manage it while living fruitful and productive lives. Entry into the asthma club is by way of an introductory seminar which orients patients and the disease process and the steps in management. The club holds regular assemblies and refresher courses, and participates in the celebration of World Asthma Day every month of May.
  3. COPD Support Group
    The LCP COPD Support Group is under the Section of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. It aims to educate patients on living with and managing their disease, as well as providing a caring community of patients who are undergoing similar experiences. They hold general assemblies and get-togethers during special occasions, and celebrates World COPD Day every November.
  4. Smoking Cessation Program
    The Smoking Cessation Program of LCP, which was established in 1992, is one of the flagship programs of the institution, LCP being one of the lead proponents in the fight against tobacco. The program boasts of a Smoking Cessation Clinic which is one of the first in the country and has provided counseling services to smokers wanting to quit. The LCP Smoking Cessation Program has also expanded to providing training in Brief Tobacco Intervention for health professionals and is the lead organization for development and conduct of training programs to increase the number of Smoking Cessation Clinics in the country. Lastly, but not the least, our program is proud to house the country’s first quitline services, the DOH Quitline. It is manned by highly trained and skilled counselors who are available 24/7 to aid smokers in their struggle to quit smoking. The smoking cessation program has received the Red Orchid awards several times for its stellar efforts, even garnering the coveted Hall of Fame distinction last November 2017.
    Program In line with the Philippine Government’s mandated TB-DOTS program, the Lung Center of the Philippines also has its own DOTS unit, which also has the capability to handle Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) TB cases. The DOTS program serves patients through dispensing of medications, provision of diagnostic services, and referral to other health centers for continuity of care.


The Division provides the immediate link with the community in the delivery of health services for the National Tuberculosis Program of the Department of Health (DOH) through the Tuberculosis-Directly Observed Treatment Short Course) or TB-DOTS Center. It runs the Programmatic Management for the Drug Resistant TB (PMDI) nationwide under a grant from the Global Fund.

PHDD is located at the National Center for Pulmonary Research (NCPR )which is within the KOICA grant building that has been constructed in 2009 and launched as NCPR last March 21, 2012.


Emergency Medicine and Out-Patient Department Staff