The Esophagus and Swallowing Center will be in the forefront in the care and management of patients with esophageal diseases and swallowing disorders.

Objectives :

  1. To provide excellent service in the diagnostic evaluation and corresponding management of patients with esophageal diseases and swallowing disorders.
  2. To engage in the progressive application of appropriate and most recent surgical treatment modalities specially in the field of minimally invasive esophageal surgery and offer better service to our patients.
  3. To provide a venue for the training and development of thoracic surgeons/specialists dedicated in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with esophageal disease and/or swallowing disorders.
  4. To record and evaluate data gathered from the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of patients with esophageal disease as well as swallowing disorders for the purpose of research and development of new or refinement of current management.
  5. To share our experiences and establish collaborative activities with local and international centers with the same interest in order to ensure our patients’ safety and an updated management of esophageal disease and swallowing disorders.