This unit is directly under the Office of the Executive Director assigned to initiate, coordinate and monitor the overall planning and implementation of the human resource development program of the hospital. Our main thrust is to provide each and every official and employee the quality service on career development growth.  In this manner, we can effectively and efficiently accomplish our share in accomplishing the vision and missions of the Center.


Training activities, whether formal, non-formal or informal; individual or group; on-the-job or off-the-job, shall be geared towards the integration of the Lung Center's vision and missions with the national development goals and aspirations.

Training shall aim:

  1. To develop a sense of organizational unity and purpose among personnel in order
        to maintain a high standard of morale, efficiency, customer care, satisfaction
        and integrity in the health service program of our hospital.
  2. To equip personnel at all levels with the necessary basic knowledge, skills and
        attitudes to ensure a high level of performance in their present jobs as well
        as to prepare them for assumption of greater or higher responsibilities in the
  3. To provide a reservoir of skilled employees to meet the future demand for
        professional medical, nursing, allied medical fields, administratively/
        ancillary, technical, clerical and other personnel needs of the organization.
  4. To increase job satisfaction, among personnel by providing them with opportunity
        for growth and development towards occupational goals.

Programs and Activities:

Training of our hospital employees both from the Medical and Hospital Support Services shall start with orientation upon their entry into the service, and end with the pre-retirement counseling.  During employment the employee shall be provided with adequate and appropriate opportunities for re-orientation, skills development, technical, professional and scientific training; supervisory and/or executive development.

Personnel selected from training outside of their official work area or stations shall receive training and other allowances to which they are normally entitled subject to availability of funds and the usual accounting and auditing laws and requirements.

Scholarships and study grants, both local and overseas, as well as participation in special seminars, symposium, institutes, conferences and the like, shall form part of the Center's comprehensive training program; and selection of personnel for these shall be based on merit and fitness and on the operational needs of the unit to which the candidate belongs.  The performance appraisal of the employee by his or her supervisors shall be the major basis of the selection.

Opportunities for job rotation, employee counseling, observational tours and other related employee development tools, shall be provided to promote employee versatility and insure organizational growth.

Training Courses Offered:

    1.   BLS – CPR Training
    2.   Cancer Disclosure Refresher Course
    3.   Cancer Disclosure Workshop
    4.   Customer Relations and Care Workshop
    5.   Fire and Earthquake Drill Safety and Evacuation Orientation
    6.   HIV / AIDS Seminar
    7.   Orientation of New Employees/Visiting Consultants
    8.   Post Graduate
    9.   Smoking Cessation Workshop
    10. Stress Management Workshop
    11. Telephone Etiquette Seminar


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The Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) was established through Presidential Decree No. 1823 on January 16, 1981 to provide the Filipino people state-of-the-art specialized care for lung and other chest diseases. 


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