The Lung Center of the Philippines Sleep Laboratory and Sleep Disorders Clinic has been providing high quality and affordable services for the evaluation of sleep disorders among infants, children, and adults since 2004. Through the years, we have continually upgraded our facilities and services to ensure that the best possible care is given to our patients.

We are pleased to announce that our Sleep Laboratory is fully operational and is accepting referrals for Sleep studies. It is located in a non-COVID area of the hospital, and the rooms are outfitted with adequate ventilation to ensure safety of both the patients and staff. Staff members are routinely tested for COVID, and they wear proper protective equipment when handling patients.

Given the COVID situation, it is understandable that some patients may have apprehensions in coming to the hospital for a study. In cases like these, a Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) using a Type 3 monitor may be utilized, upon the advice of the attending Sleep Medicine physician.

Our facility has acquired the latest Type 3 polysomnogram (Alice PDX). It was designed for unattended full night sleep studies to be used in the evaluation of patients who are moderate to high risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea without significant comorbidities wherein its use would be contraindicated. It measures the airflow, respiratory effort, heart rate, oxygen saturation, body position, and ECG channels. The portable monitor is light, non-invasive, and user friendly. Overnight diagnostic sleep studies using the portable monitor are fully covered by Philhealth case rate.

The PDX monitor would be brought to your home by the Sleep Lab staff who would perform the hookup of the device. The patient then sleeps overnight with the monitor in the comfort of their own home, and the Sleep Lab staff would return for device pickup the following morning.

In cases of diagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea requiring a CPAP titration study, our facility also offers Auto-CPAP (APAP) titration. The APAP device is delivered to your home by the Sleep tech, and is left there for your use for 5 nights. The device is then retrieved and the data from the machine is analyzed to generate a report.

For a any inquires, kindly contact the LCP Sleep Laboratory and Sleep Clinic via landline at 8924-6101 local 3022/3023, or through the Sleep Lab cellphone at 0915-523-6775.

Sleep well!