The Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) is in-charge of the personnel management services of the LCP, With the main thrust of providing each and every official and employee the required quality service on personnel matters for a systematic, efficient and effective execution of hospital operations. It is also responsible for the maintenance and safekeeping of all administrative records created in the hospital.

The Division takes charge of the following personnel functions:

  1. Processing/Monitoring and facilitating of all appointments that course through the
        Civil Service Commission.
  2. Processing of Contracts of Job Order personnel;
  3. Monitoring/updating/recording and reporting Leave of regular officials and employees;
  4. Processing/Maintaining/Recording and Reporting of Attendance of all officials and employees;
  5. Preparing/Updating/Monitoring and facilitating of payroll both regular and job order personnel;
  6. Processing of Terminal Leave/Separation of employees;
  7. Updating and maintaining the Citizen Charter and the Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net worth as required to be qualified to the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) incentive.
  8. Conducting orientation for newly appointed personnel in coordination with Professional Education and Training Services (PETS).


The Central Records Section take charge of all records management and the implementation of a systematic and scientific control of information that are required. It deals with record creation (forms, reports, instruction/directives and correspondence management); files management; information retrieval; records protection; records retention and disposition; mail management and printing and reproduction service.

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1. New Employee Orientation (NEO) Program

The LCP Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) conducted the 2023 New Employee Orientation (NEO) Program las April 13-14, 2023 at the LCP Dining Area.

This program generally aims to welcome the recently hired and transferred permanent employees and present the hospital services, functions and culture.  Specifically, the program was designed to introduce the mission, vision, mandate and core values of the center; familiarize the new employees on the functions of every Department/ Office and the services that they deliver; orient them with the office policies, requirements, submissions and employee benefits; discuss the expected work etiquette as a government employee; and finally serve as a venue for new employees to engage with each other.

The two- day orientation started by the opening remarks delivered by Dr. Avelino S. de Chavez, DM III, Administrative Services/ OIC- HRMD followed by the introduction of all participants through a candy game then by the discussions of the HRMD personnel. For the LCP Mission, Vision, Mandate and Core Values topics, it was facilitated by Mr. Dennis M. Soriano, MBA, HRMO III, then followed by Mr. Leonico C. Roman, HRMA for the Leave Benefits and Administration which concluded the Day 1 morning session. In the afternoon, the discussants include the following personnel and topics: Mr. Jifferson N. Jocson, CMT I, for Compensation Benefits, followed by Ms. Maria M. Almarez, MPA, HRMO III for Employee Discipline, and Mr. Elmo E. Dumaguit, HRMO II for Employee Performance. For the presentation of Offices, the Office of the Executive Director (OED), represented by Ms. Marilyn A. Aro, RN,  OIC-SPD and Mr. Mark Ceasar A. Leonin, MPS, OIC-MISD discussed the organizational structure, services and functions of the different departments under the said office.

NEO program resumed its second day and representatives of the DED Services provided the overview in their respective organizational profile, services and functions. Under the Office of the Deputy Executive Director for Medical Services, Dr. Eileen G. Aniceto, DM III, EM-OPD, Dr. Gloria Lim-Tan, DM III, Pathology Department, and Ms. Ma. Angelica B. Magpantay RT II, Radiology and Radiotherapy Department presented the necessary information needed by newly hired/ transferred LCP employees in their respective Offices. On the other side, the Office of the Deputy Executive Director for Nursing Services was solely represented by Mr. Gerardo I. Lirag, DM III, Critical Nursing Department in his discussion points regarding the center’s nursing services

The Day 2 afternoon session was filled by the relevant topics presented by the other discussants. Under the Office of the Deputy Executive Director on Education, Training and Research the following representatives were able to deliver their presentations: Ms. Riza SJ. San Juan, Nursing III, Education and Training Department, Dr. Norberto A. Francisco, DM III, Clinical Research Department, Dr. Dominador P. San Andres, MS IV, Medical Records and Library Division, and Ms. Evelyn P. De Asis, LB. Medical Records, Registries and Library Division. In addition, Dr. Gloanne C. Adolor, OIC-Deputy Executive Director for Hospital Support Services presented the overview of their organizational chart and the departments under her followed by the discussion on the finance matters by Ms. Angeline A. Rojas, CPA, DM III, Finance Services Department. The program also gave a venue for the LCP Employee Association (LCPEA) discussion lead by Mr. Eleazar R. Sobinsky, President, LCPEA.

In every presentation, the participants have the time to ask questions and give comments to the respective speakers. The NEO Program was participated by twenty-eight (28) newly appointed permanent and transferred employees of the LCP for the last quarter of 2022.

The HRMD through its Learning and Development section will run the same program in the second semester of the year for the 2023 newly appointed permanent and transferred employees. This will be a regular program by the HRMD as part of its human resource interventions to the hospital employees.

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