The Management Information Systems Division (MISD) provides support to the hospital through the automation of processes and helps the management in decision making with the use of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It operates and maintains the Hospital Information System (HIS); formulates and develops plans, policies and programs related to ICT; manages and maintains the ICT resources; guides the management in the acquisition of ICT resources; carries out the network and data base management; takes charge in the development of the knowledge system and of other ICT related solutions that may be applicable to the institution; looks after the management of the other network portals, i.e. Internet, website, and other government portals and connectivity; assists in research; and monitors and maintains the computer systems and network of the organization.

About Us

Information Technology (IT) plays a vital role in achieving Center’s goal and helps in continuously assessing and implementing practical state-of-the–art technologies in developing application and services that embodies the philosophies and strategies for IT utilization. It was ordered that the Electronic Data Processing Section (EDP) shall be directly under the Office of the Director and shall henceforth be called the Information Technology Service Section (ITSS) through Center Order No. 114-A s. 2000 dated August 1, 2000.


The major objective of this Section is to provide the LCP with an automation system that will link and analyze data from both the clinical and administrative sections.  This will ensure optimum hospital financial operations and provision of quality patient care.

Areas of Responsibility:

1. Software

The Division will come up with data and system requirements which will be addressed by choosing the approprieate software provider/solution.

  • The MISD will work with the provider in training hospital personnel who will man the terminals and also their  alternates.
  • Software maintanance will also be undertaken by the MISD
  • The development of the software will be undertaken to further suit the needs of the hospital.

2. Hardware 

Another major function is choosing the hardware and peripherals to partnet with the software.  This will include designing the cabling system to provide access to pertinent areas of the hospital.  Maintenance of the hardware will be provided by the MISD.


1.  Establishes the requirements for computerization which include information systems analysis, design and computer programming by formulating and monitoring compliance with the Center’s Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP).

  • Gathers and analyzes data for developing and modifying information systems.
  • Prepares system requirements statement.

2.  Supports the entire data processing activities to include maintenance of databases, data input and control, recovery and back-up procedures.  

3.  Manages and maintains LCP’s Website.

  • Ensures that the website is a valuable, uniform, usable information resource.
  • Provides company-wide information.

4.  Supervises system installation and evaluated operations systems and recommends improvements.

  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Off-the-shelve software
  • Utility and productive tools software 

5.  Provides and performs engineering services related to the installation, maintenance, repair and calibration of computer systems, peripherals and components and auxiliary machines.

6.  Recommends the acquisition of spare parts, consumables, tools and equipment related to hardware/software operations and maintenance.

7.  Conducts training of LCP personnel necessary for IT related operations and maintenance.