The Lung center of the Philippines (LCP) was created through Presidential Decree No. 1823 which is quoted as  follows:


WHEREAS, for decades, respiratory diseases have been a priority concern, having been the leading cause of illness and death in the Philippines, comprising more that 45% of the total annual deaths from all causes, thus exacting a tremendous toll on human resources, which ailments are like to increase and degenerate into serious lung diseases on account of unbated pollution, industrialization and unchecked cigarette smoking in the country;

WHEREAS, the more common lung diseases are, to great extent, preventable, and curable with early and adequate medical care, immunization and through prompt and intensive preventive and health education programs;

WHEREAS, there is an urgent need to consolidate and reinforce existing programs, strategies and efforts at preventing, treating and rehabilitating people affected by lung diseases, and to undertake research and training on the cure and prevention of lung diseases, through a Lung Center which will house and nurture the above and related activities and provide tertiary-level care for more difficult and problematical cases;

WHEREAS, to achieve this purpose the Government intends to provide material and financial support towards the establishment and maintenace of a Lung Center for the welfare and benefit of the Filipino people.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President and Prime Minister of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by Constitution, do hereby order and decree:

SECTION 1. CREATION OF THE LUNG CENTER OF THE PHILIPPINES. There is hereby created a trust, under the name and style of Lung Center of the Philippines, which, subject to provisions of this Decree, shall be administered, according to the Articles of Incorporation, By Laws and Objectives of the Lung Center of the Philippines, Inc., duly registered (reg. No. 85886) with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippine, by the Office of the President, in coordination with the Ministry of Human Settlements and the Ministry of Health.”


1.2.1. To construct, establish, equip, maintain, administer and conduct an integrated medical institution which shall specialize in the treatment, care, rehabilitation and/or relief of lungs and allied diseases in line with the concern of the government to assist and provide material and financial support in the establishment and maintenance of a lung center primarily to benefit the people of the Philippines and in pursuance of the policy of the State to secure the well-being of the people by providing them specialized health and medical services and by minimizing the incidence of lung diseases in the country and elsewhere;

1.2.2. To promote the noble undertaking of scientific research related to the prevention of lung or pulmonary ailments and the care of lung patients, including the holding of a series of relevant congresses, conventions, seminars and conferences;

1.2.3. To stimulate and, whenever possible, underwrite scientific researchers on the biological, demographic, social, economic, organiz and physiological aspects of lung or pulmonary diseases and their control, and to collect and publish the findings of such reasearch for public consumption;

1.2.4. To facilitate the dissemination of ideas and public acceptance of information on lung consciousness or awareness, and the development of fact-finding, information and reporting of facilities for and in aid of general purposes or objects aforesaid, especially in human lung requirements, general health and physical fitness, and other relevant or related fields;

1.2.5. To encourage the training of physicians, nurses, health officers, social workers and medical and technical personnel in the practical and scientific implementation of services to lung patients;

1.2.6. To assist universities and research institutions in their studies about lung diseases, the encourage advanced training in matters of the lung and related fields and to support educational programs of value to general heath;

1.2.7. To encourage the formation of other organizations on the national, provincial and/or city and local levels, and to coordinate their various efforts and activities for the purpose of achieving a more effective programmatic approach on the common problems relative to the objectives enumerated herein;

1.2.8. To seek and obtain assistance in any form from both international and local foundations and organizations and to administer grants and funds that may be given to the organizations;

1.2.9. To extend, whenever possible expedient, medical services to the public and, in general, to promote and protect the health of the masses of our people, which has long been recognized as an economic asset and a social blesssing;

1.2.10. To help prevent, relieve and alleviate the lung or pulmonary afflictions and maladies of the people in any and all walks of life, including those who are poor and needy, all without regard to or discrimination, because of race, creed, color or political belief of the persons helped, and to enable them to obtain treatment when such disorders occur;

1.2.11. To participate, as circumstances may warrant, in any activity, designed and carried on to promote the general health of the community;

1.2.12. To acquire and/or borrow funds and to own all funds or equipment, educational materials and supplies by purchase, donation, or otherwise and to dispose of and distribute the same in such manner, and, on such basis as the Centerl shall, form time to time, deem proper and best, under the particular circumstances, to serve its general and non-profit purposes and objectives;

1.2.13. To buy, purchase, acquire, own, lease, hold, sell, exchange, transfer and dispose of properties whether real or personal for purposes herein mentioned; and

1.2.14. To do everything necessary, proper, advisable or convenient for the accomplishment of any of the powers herein set forth and to do every other act and thing incidental thereto or connected therewith.