The DRTB Program of the Lung Center of the Philippines started in 1995. The objectives of the program are:

1. To establish a registry of patients with proven MDRTB disease.
2. To provide follow-up and treatment services for patients in the DRTB registry.
3. To develop a treatment protocol for newly diagnosed DRTB.
4. To spearhead, facilitate and coordinate researches in DRTB.
5. To establish a data bank on MDRTB.

While, the DRTB support group, inspired by the spirit of compassion, is committed to the act of empowering patients undergoing treatment for TB. It aims to help improve their well-being, and enable them to assist other TB patients and/or act as the case provider for the TB programs.

The Support Group

The DRTB support group of the Lung Center of the Philippines started in June 2005 in a tertiary government treatment center for Programmatic Multi-drug Resistant TB Management (PMTM).

The support group is composed of DRTB patients from all walks of life, undergoing treatment with second line drugs.  

It is based at the LCP DOTS Center in the Public Health Domiciliary unit (PHDU) of the Lung Center of the Philippines , located in Quezon Avenue , Quezon City . 


To establish an organization of current MDRTB patients who will advocate the treatment compliance of multi-drug TB patients for a period at least 18 months to achieve complete health restoration. 

Roles and responsibilities of Support Group Members:

  • Act as counselors to newly-enrolled MDRTB patients in the DOTS clinic for treatment compliance
  • Assist the clinic staff in watching other patients taking anti-TB drugs, or act as the treatment partner of another patient 
  • Assist in addressing the psychosocial problems among MDRTB patients
  • Share experiences and serve as advocates during socialization
  • Assist the staff of LCP-DOTS center in retrieving defaulters
  • Refer or report patients who experience an adverse reaction or side effect from medications

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