Regulation of Clinical Laboraties in the Philippines is mandated by RA 4688 known as the Clinical Laboratory Law of 1966.  With continuing advancement in clinical laboratory technologies necessary in improving health care treatment and safeguarding patients’ health

and safety, the Department of Health (DOH) has updated the standards for clinical laboratories to ensure the attainment of quality in laboratory services.

Department Order (DO) No. 393E s. 2000 was issued on November 14, 2000, designating the Lung Center of the Philippines as the National Reference Laboratory for Clinical Chemistry (LCP-NRL-CC). Mandated functions include the following:

1.  maintain a Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for laboratory testing
     in coordination with the DOH-Bureau of Health Facilities
     and Services  (BHFS),

2.  train laboratory personnel,

3.  evaluate test kits and reagents in coordination with the Bureau of
     Food and Drugs (now known as the Philippine Food and
     Drug Administration) and the Bureau of Health Devices and

4.  provide laboratory referral services, confirmatory testing,
     surveillance and research.

In the clinical laboratory, quality assurance program (QAP), quality control and quality assessment constitute an essential part of diagnostic testing. And to highlight  the need for an improved QAP in clinical laboratories and harmonization of laboratory services in the country, another DOH issuances, Administrative Order (AO) No. 2007-0027 

known as the “Revised Rules and Regulation Governing Licensure and Regulation of Clinical Laboratories in the Philippines,” was issued  mandating every clinical laboratory to participate in an External Quality Assessment Program (EQAP) provided by the NRLs; Department Memorandum 2009-0086B “implementation of EQAP as Regulatory Requirement for Licensing of Clinical Laboratories”.

MISSION:  To promate continuous quality improvement in clinical chemistry laboratories through provision of NEQAS-CC and education for patient’s safety.

VISION:  To be globally competitive NEQAS-CC provided not only in support to regulatory agencies and quality assurance program but also in support and assistance to clinical chemistry laboratories to help healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the promotion of h