About Nursing Department 

From its inception in 1982 when the Lung Center was conceived to be the seat of training and research for lung and other chest diseases, the Nursing Department has lived up to its vision of being the leader in specialized nursing care, training and research.

With its mission to provide quality and effective care to patients through clinical competence, the Nursing Department is manned by highly accomplished nurse managers headed by the Department Manager, Mrs. Elvira Baura; Dr. Glenda Picardal, Chief of the Training Division; and Mrs. Julieta Mancelita, Chief of the  Patient Care Division. We have a number of nurse supervisors that work on 24-hour shifts to oversee the continuity of patient care. They are Mrs. Evelyn Arafiles, Mrs. Norma Bucoy, Mrs. Elenita Cas, Mrs. Esmeralda Dela Cruz, Mrs. Lorna Dela Cruz, Mrs. Rosario Cristi, Mrs. Edna Formaran, Mrs. Ideltrudes Mesa, Mrs. Carmen Tumolva, Mrs. Belinda Villasencio, and Mrs. Lorenza Cuadra.  

At present, the Nursing Department has 133 nurses providing direct care to patients in the different hospital units such as the four Medical-Surgical wards, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, St. Therese Unit, Emergency Room, Out-Patient Department, and the Public Health & Domiciliary Unit, all of which are directly supervised by Head Nurses. We have 59 Senior Nurses who are mostly distributed in the special units, while 58 of the Junior Nurses handle acute care in the ward areas. The hospital’s Central Supply Division and the Linen Department are also under the supervision of the Nursing Department. All of our highly-trained nurses share the core values of concern and care for patients, employees, and the institution. We possess high levels of responsibility, discipline, commitment, and dedication to excellence in the practice of Nursing as a profession.  

Through the years, we have trained and produced nurses and prepared them to become globally competitive in their field of practice.  Lung Center has become a training ground for nurses who wish to work abroad. The Nursing Department however, sees this from a different perspective—that is, we train nurses to become well-adept in their profession and then we set them free. We are happy to see that we have become instrumental in changing the lives of these nurses, and there is no reason for us to hold them back. We are proud that these nurses who have delivered their professional services in this hospital now impart their knowledge and skills in the care of pulmonary patients in other foreign hospitals. This is part of our virtuous commitment of service, and our noble contribution to the world.

With the present setup of our 200+ bed capacity, a nurse may take care of 10 to 15 patients in a single shift. Our nurse to patient ratio may not be ideal, but there is a supportive clinical environment for the practice of nursing in the Center. It is the dedication, skills and professionalism of our nurses that figure in the full delivery of quality patient care.

The Central Supply Sterilization Services of the Nursing Department is responsible for the distribution of common non-drug supplies, sterilization procedures, the repacking of supplies, and requisition. It is also the property custodian, and is accountable for the storage of equipment and supplies while not in use at the bedside or the ward.

The Linen Section which under the Nursing Department is the area responsible for the linen requirements of all wards, from sewing and repairing to coordinating the laundry of bedsheets, pillow cases, patient gowns, etc.