About Us

Lung Center of the Philippines is a pristine Hospital administration that specializes in the management and treatment of lung diseases and Lung related diseases.

On the verge of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Lung Center of the Philippines also opened its doors as a Covid-19 referral center for mild to critical Covid cases.

The Lung Center of the Philippines’, Nutrition and Dietetics Department is composed of Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians, Cooks, Food Service Attendants, and Administrative Assistants whose main goal is to offer a wide range of services that may help patients in their recovery through a healthy and a well-balanced nutrition.


A premiere Nutrition and Dietetics Division that provides optimal nutrition care with the highest standard of quality in foodservice and clinical nutrition to patients / patrons / hospital personnel and other partners.


  • To provide highest quality standard of optimal nutrition care and food services
  • To provide continuous nutrition education training and programs to patients/clients/hospital personnel/affiliated schools and other partners
  • To promote organized and innovative plan of action in management and effective utilization of resources


  • Clinical Nutrition Services
    • Nutrition Screening upon admission and nutrition assessment
      • Nutritionally at-risk patients are given referrals for nutrition screening and assessment from their attending physicians. A Clinical Dietitian then carefully analyze the patients physical, biochemical, clinical, and dietary assessments to formulate the best diet for the patient’s condition.
    • Out-Patient Nutrition Counseling and Dietary Instructions
      • Patients referred for dietary counseling and instructions for disease specific diets:
        • Diabetes
        • Renal
        • Liver cirrhosis and/or Liver care
        • COPD
        • Post-Covid
        • Weight Management
        • Enteral feeding (formula or traditional)
    • Nutrition Counseling and Dietary Instruction for in-patients before discharge
      • Patients referred for dietary counseling and instructions for disease specific diets:
        • Diabetes
        • Renal
        • Liver cirrhosis and/or Liver care
        • COPD
        • Post-Covid
        • Weight Management
        • Enteral feeding (formula or traditional)
    • Telenutrition Consultation Services for in and out patients
      • A consultation service that involves interactive patient care virtually through an evidenced based patient care plan while targeting the patient’s condition/ disease.
    • Disease specific Dietary lectures
      • Lecture for Patients are provided by the Clinical Dietitian for patients of different lung or lung related diseases on how they can manage their condition by adhering to a health, balanced, and research-based diet.
    • Virtual and Hands-on practicum for BS Nutrition and Dietetics Students
      • With the recent rise of Covid-19 pandemic, Virtual pre-recorded video lectures are prepared as well as live virtual tutorials and a fraction of actual, hands-on training for the interns to ensure they learn and apply their learnings when they graduate.
  • Dietary Catering Function and Services
    • Small Orders for Functions
      • A prepared menu is available for functions. All ingredients are guaranteed fresh and clean.
    • Employee’s Therapeutic Meal
      • If an employee wishes to, a employee’s pre-computed and disease/ condition specific meal is available in the nutrition and dietetics department.
  • In-patient Services
  • Disease Specific Diet
    • We make sure that admitted patients are given the utmost care through their diet. The Therapeutic Dietitian on Duty serves diet for patients based on their condition, diagnosis, and doctor’s prescription.
  • Preparation of Oral Nutrition Formula
    • Oral Nutrition Formula for Covid Patients are given to assist them in their nutritional build up and their fast recovery. No oral nutrition formula are given to patients with underlying comorbidities unless prescribed or approved by their attending physician.
  • Preparation of Tube-feeding formula
    • Tube feeding formulas are made in a clean environment, calibrated cups and other utensils needed are sterilized before and after preparation. After preparation, prepared tube feeding formulas are delivered to the nurses station and are stored in a temperature controlled fridge.
  • Other services

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