The hospital’s trunk line number is 8924-6101.  Please find below the name of the office or contact person to locate a specific local number.  To view a LCP doctor’s contact information, visit the Doctors’ Profiles page.

Secretary 14001
Secretary 24002
Secretary 34003
Secretary 14006
Secretary 14009
OFFICES (Alphabetical Listing):Local Numbers
Accounting Division Chief2046
Accounting Division Receiving2047
Accounting Division 12048
Accounting Division 22050
Accounting Division 32049
Administrative and Ancillary Manager1010
Administrative and Ancillary Secretary1011
Admitting Officer of the Day1130
Admitting Staff 11131
Admitting Staff 21132
Admitting Social Service/PAO1135
Ambulatory / Oncology 2nd floor2093
Ambulatory / Oncology 22094
Anesthesia Receiving 2033
Anesthesia and Thoracic DMO2042
Anesthesia and Thoracic Secretary2043
Anesthesia and Thoracic Anesthesia 12044
Auditorium 11081
Auditorium 21082
AVR 11226
Billing Division Chief1136
Billing Philhealth Eclaims1137
Billing Philhealth Staff1138
Billing Philhealth Receiving1139
Billing Frontline 11140
Billing Frontline 21141
Billing Monitoring1142
Blood Bank Donor’s Area1184
Blood Bank Receiving1185
Bronchoscopy Reception2017
Bronchoscopy Recovery Room2018
Budget Chief4035
Budget Receiving4036
Budget Officer 24037
Canteen 11074
Canteen 21075
Cardiology/2D Echo 11310
Cardiology/2D Echo 21311
Cardiology SRS CVU Reception1312
Cashier 11165
Cashier 21166
Cashier (Smart House)1167
Cashier Receiving Payments1168
CCTV Room 12056
Central Records Chief4020
Central Records Staff4021
Central Registration1319
Central Steralization1052
Chapel Office2055
Clinical Chemistry1178
Clinical Microscopy1194
COA Chief 3032
COA Staff 13033
COA Staff 23034
COA Reception3035
Communication Head1000
Communication Staff 11001
Communication Staff 21002
Communication Staff 31003
Communication Code Phone1005
Communication Tech1006
Conference Room A1079
Conference Room B1080
CPE Office4100
Credit and Collection Unit Head1172
Credit and Collection Staff 11173
Credit and Collection Staff 21174
CRF Research Office1309
CSC Nursing Supervisor2086
CSR Head1155
CSR Reception1157
CSR 11158
CT Scan Reception 11330
CT Scan Reception 21331
CT Scan Control Area1332
DDHS Director4005
DDHS Secretary 14006
DDMS Director4008
DDMS Secretary 14009
DECON Nursing Station / OR2013
Dental Reception2078
Department of Medicine Secretary3000
Department of Patient Care Services Secretary4014
Dietary Chief1015
Dietary Food Service1016
Dietary Secretary1017
Dietary Store Room1018
Dietary Food Production1019
Dining Room2092
Doctors Clinic Room 1101 Secretary1101
Doctors Clinic Room 1101 Doctor1201
Doctors Clinic Room 1103 Secretary1103
Doctors Clinic Room 1103 Doctor1203
Doctors Clinic Room 1104 Secretary1104
Doctors Clinic Room 1104 Doctor1204
Doctors Clinic Room 1105 Secretary1105
Doctors Clinic Room 1105 Doctor1205
Doctors Clinic Room 1106 Secretary1106
Doctors Clinic Room 1106 Doctor1206
Doctors Clinic Room 1107 Secretary1107
Doctors Clinic Room 1107 Doctor1207
Doctors Clinic Room 1108 Secretary1108
Doctors Clinic Room 1108 Doctor1208
Doctors Clinic Room 1109 Secretary1109
Doctors Clinic Room 1109 Doctor1209
Doctors Clinic Room 1110 Secretary1110
Doctors Clinic Room 1110 Doctor1210
Doctors Clinic Room 1111 Secretary1111
Doctors Clinic Room 1111 Doctor1211
Doctors Clinic Room 1113 Secretary1113
Doctors Clinic Room 1113 Doctor1213
Doctors Clinic Room 1115 Secretary1115
Doctors Clinic Room 1115 Doctor1215
Doctors Clinic Room 1117 Secretary1117
Doctors Clinic Room 1117 Doctor1217
Doctors Clinic Room 1119 Secretary1119
Doctors Clinic Room 1119 Doctor1219
Doctors Clinic Room 1121 Secretary1121
Doctors Clinic Room 1121 Doctor1221
Doctors Clinic Room 1123 Secretary1123
Doctors Clinic Room 1123 Doctor1223
Doctors Clinic Room 1125 Secretary1125
Doctors Clinic Room 1125 Doctor1225
Doctors Quarter Female2066
Doctors Quarter Male2068
Education Training Division Head4029
Education Training Division Reception4030
Employee’s Clinic4075
Engineering Head1025
Engineering 11026
Engineering 21027
Engineering Biomed1028
ER Dorm1334
ER Head Nurse 1333
ER Head Nurse (Smart House)1340
ER Nurse Station 11336
ER Room 31337
ER Extension (Smart House)1338
ER Extension (Smart House)2859
ER Screening (Smart House)1096
Ethics Review Board Reception4047
Ethics Review Board Conference Room4048
Executive Director4000
Executive Director Reception 24001
Executive Director Reception 14002
Executive Director Conference Room4003
Executive Lounge 14059
Executive Lounge 24060
Fourth Floor Guard4058
Function Room2091
Gonong Research Clinic4055
General Services Division Chief1024
Guard ER Entrance1335
Guard ER Gate1095
Guard Main Gate1091
Guard Main Lobby1093
Guard Main Lobby Triage1303
Guard Mechanical1090
Guard Property Area1070
Health & Fitness1318
Healthy Lungs Program4063
Histopath Receiving1181
Histopath Processing1182
Hospitainer 34061
HR Chief4025
HR Assistant Chief4026
HR Staff 14022
HR Staff 24023
HR Staff 34027
HR Staff 44028
Infection Control3009
Information 11300
Information 2 / HMO1163
LCP EA Office4085
LCPNA Office4090
LCPPA Office 4061
Management Information Systems Division Head1085
Management Information Systems Division Technical1086
Management Information Systems Division Web1087
Management Information Systems Division Support1088
Medical Library Reference3054
Medical Library Head3055
Medical Records Inpatient Frontdesk1044
Medical Records Inpatient1045
Medical Records Chief1047
Medical Records 3 Filing1048
Medical Records 3 Outpatient1050
Medical Social Service Chief1037
Medical Social Service Pay/Re-class1038
Medical Social Service (Smart House)1039
Medical Social Service 3B1040
Medical Social Service PCSO Helpdesk1041
MICU 12000
MICU 22001
Material Management Division Chief1053
MMD Encoder1054
MMD Equipment Receiving1055
MMD Supply Officer1056
MMD Requisition1057
MMD Stock Room 31062
Modular/ Cluster 1 Hallway4024
Modular/ Cluster 1 Nurse Station4090
Modular/ Cluster 21149
Modular/ Cluster 34062
Modular/ Cluster 41928
Modular/ Cluster 42221
Motorpool Head1950
Motorpool Staff1951
Nursing Education Training & Research Division Chief2088
NETRD Info 12083
NETRD Info 22081
Nurse Training Main Office 22084
Nurse Training Main Office 32085
Nurse Training Main Office 42086
National Referance Laboratory Head4043
NRL Receiving4041
NRL Staff 14042
Nuclear Medicine Reception1765
Nuclear Medicine Reading1766
Nuclear Medicine Control1767
Nursing Department Manager4011
Nursing Division Chief4012
Nursing Manager Secretary4015
Nursing Supervisor4013
Nutrition Clinic1013
One Stop Swab / OSS / OFW & Company1227
One Stop Swab / OSS2085
OPD Computer1317
OPD Lab Services Receiving1196
OPD Lab Services 11197
OPD Lab Services 21198
OPD Manager1314
OPD Secretary1315
OPD Registration/Rescheduling1324
Operating Room Head Nurse2012
Operating Room Lobby2004
Operating Room Pantry2016
Operating Room Supply Room2015
PACU/RR Nurse Station 12029
PACU/RR Nurse Station 22030
Pathologist Anatomic1234
Pathologist Chief1240
Pathologist Lounge1235
Pathologist MS IV1233
Pathologist Secretary1232
Pathology Chief Med Tech1177
Pathology Staff Lounge1200
Pathology Wash Room1199
Pedia Ambulatory Oncology3021
Pedia Clinic2072
Pedia ER 11341
Pedia ER 21342
Pedia Office Reception3030
Pedia Office Quarters3031
Pedia Ward Nurse Station3015
Pharmacy Chief1146
Pharmacy Clerk1147
Pharmacy Dispensing 11150
Pharmacy Dispensing 21151
Pharmacy Stock Room1148
Pharmacy Supervisor1149
PHDU 1-A1854
PHDU 1-F1859
PHDU 2-E2858
PHDU 2-F2859
PHDU 2-G2860
PHDU 2-H2861
PHDU Conference Room2855
PHDU Entrance Guard1851
PHDU Gate Guard1853
Physical Therapy Head3013
Physical Therapy Office3012
Physical Therapy Reception3011
PICU Head Nurse3028
PICU Nurse Station3027
PHDU Lab Supervisor3852
PMDT Main Office1857
PMDT Technical Room3851
Procurement Services Division Chief1063
Procurement Services Division BAC 21064
Procurement Services Division BAC 11067
Procurement Services Division Canvasser1066
Procurement Services Division Reception1065
PRC Janitorial2065
Public Relations & Marketing Office 1161
Pulmonary Department Manager3001
Pulmonary Consultant’s Room3002
Pulmonary Conference Room3006
Pulmonary Fellows Call Room3007
Radiology Department Manager1321
Radiotherapy Chief Radiologic Technologist1759
Radiotherapy Conference Room1761
Radiotherapy Console 11756
Radiotherapy Console 21757
Radiotherapy Nurses Room1758
Radiotherapy Philhealth1762
Radiotherapy Physics Room1755
Radiotherapy Reception1751
Radiotherapy Simulation / Planning Room1760
Radiotherapy Visiting Consultant 11753
Radiotherapy Visiting Consultant 21754
Research and Development Chief4050
Research and Development Secretary4051
Research and Development Staff 14052
RICU 1 2021
RICU 22022
RR Anesthesia Quarter2035
RR Head Nurse Office2036
RR Intern’s Quarter2034
Security Office1072
Server Room2064
SICU Nurse Station 12038
SICU Nurse Station 22039
Sleep Lab 13022
Sleep Lab 23023
Smoking Cessation4070
SNL EREID Supply1061
Specialty Clinic1316
SRS Assistant Chief1305
SRS Head Chief1306
SRS Reception1320
SRS Working Area1304
Stem Cell Receiving2751
Stem Cell Lounge2752
Stem Cell 12753
STU Nurse Station 11927
STU Nurse Station 21928
Surgery Fellows Call Room2037
Swab Results (Smart House)2754
Swabbing (Smart House)1313
Swabbing (Smart House)1231
Ultra Sound Reception1326
Ward 2A Nurse Station 12059
Ward 2A Nurse Station 22060
Ward 2A Donning Area2106
Ward 2A Room 21082108
Ward 2A Room 21102110
Ward 2A Room 21122112
Ward 2A Room 21142114
Ward 2A Room 21162116
Ward 2B Nurse Station 12025
Ward 2B Nurse Station 22026
Ward 2B Donning Area2216
Ward 2B Room 22222222
Ward 2B Room 22242224
Ward 2B Room 22262226
Ward 2B Room 22282228
Ward 3A Nurse Station 13039
Ward 3A Nurse Station 2 3040
Ward 3A Nurse Station 33041
Ward 3A 31013101
Ward 3A 31103110
Ward 3A 31123112
Ward 3A 31143114
Ward 3A 31163116
Ward 3B Nurse Station 13017
Ward 3B Nurse Station 23018
Ward 3B Head Nurse3019
Ward 3C Nurse Station 13044
Ward 3C Nurse Station 23045
Ward 3D Nurse Station 13049
Ward 3D Nurse Station 23050
X-ray Reception1323
X-Ray Releasing1325
X-Ray (Smart House)1327
X-ray Room 11328
X-ray Room 31329