The Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, formerly the Department of Pulmonary Medicine, is a major clinical department of the Lung Center. It is a multi-faceted department which has recently re-aligned itself into three major divisions, namely, Division of Adult  Pulmonology, Division of Critical Care Medicine and Division of Sleep Medicine.

Mainly involved in specialized patient care, training and research, the Department boasts of a roster of board-certified pulmonologists and other subspecialists who are all certified experts in their respective fields of practice. They function as staff consultants actively implementing the policies and procedures of the Department, providing consults to both private and service patients, conducting both training and research activities.  Inter- departmental ‘cross-functioning’ with specialists in other areas of the center, to include: the Outpatient Department and Emergency Room, and the Public Health and Domiciliary Unit also forms part of the staff’s responsibilities. The staff also works closely with those from the Departments of Thoracic Surgery and Anesthesia, Radiology, Pathology.  The support of the allied health services manpower from the Nursing Service, Departments of Radiology and Pathology is invaluable in the Department’s efforts to always be at the forefront of providing high-quality tertiary level patient care.

The staff consultants all occupy permanent ‘plantilla’ items in the Lung Center, and whether full-time or part-time, they continue to manifest their dedication and commitment to their individual duties and responsibilities, not only pertaining to service, training, and research, but also in the performance of their administrative tasks, such as overseeing the operations and supervising the workforce of the different divisions, sections, and units under the Department. Listed in the table below are the designated positions and additional fields of specialties of the staff.

Dina V. Diaz, MD                                       Department Manager III                                Occupational Medicine & Occupational &
Interstitial Lung Diseases,
Respiratory Physiology
Benilda B. Galvez, MDAsst. Department HeadInfectious Diseases
Joven R. Gonong, MDSection Chief, BronchoscopyInterventional Pulmonology
Newell R. Nacpil, MDDivision Head,
Division of Critical Care Medicine
Critical Care Medicine, Interventional Critical Care 
Virginia S. delos Reyes, MDTraining Officer,Division of Adult
Pulmonology and
Division Head,
Division of Sleep Medicine 
Sleep Medicine, Health Professional Education 
Dennis C. Teo, MD   Asst. Division Head
Division of Critical Care Medicine
Training Officer,
Critical Care Medicine
Fellowship Training 
Critical Care Medicine, Interventional Critical Care 
Guia Elena R. Ladrera, MD Head, Oncology Service
Ambulatory Oncology Units 
Medical Oncology 
Lawrence O. Raymond, MD Section Chief, Section of
Respiratory Services Services 
Special Programs 
Ma. Cecilia I. Jocson, MD Asst. Division Head,
Division of Sleep Medicine
Training Officer,
Sleep Medicine Fellowship Training 
Sleep Medicine 
Glynna O. Cabrera, MD Asst. Section Head, PT and Rehab
Chair, Research Review Committee
Pulmonary Rehabilitation 
Romancita P. Pujalte, MD Section Chief, Section of Physical Therapy and RehabilitationRehabilitation Medicine 

Because revenue generation is also one of the goals of the Department, in keeping with Lung Center’s mission, the income centers, namely, the Section of Respiratory Services and the Section of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, as well as other patient care (cost centers) sections, such as the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), the St. Therese Isolation Unit (STU), Intermediate Medical Care Unit (IMCU), and the Bronchoscopy Section all contribute to the continued profitability of its offered services. With the manpower being a mixture of medical and allied medical personnel, these Sections/Units demonstrate teamwork and cooperation in the implementing their respective policies and instituting their standard operating procedures to ensure efficient health care service delivery at affordable rates.

The Department also proudly implements an accredited Adult Pulmonology Fellowship subspecialty training program, the Pulmonary Medicine Fellowship Training, which the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP), has recently granted a renewal of full three-years accreditation. Its trainees, who mostly hail from outside Metro Manila have chosen the this prestigious training program because it is where they can effectively in augmenting their knowledge and refine their skills in the diagnosis and management of lung and other chest diseases. After two years of training, each graduate is well equipped to establish his own highly successful clinical practice in any part of the country. Since the first batch of graduates in 1985 until 2015, there was only a gap of three (3) years when the training program was inactive as an unfortunate consequence of the post-fire reconstruction of the institution from 1998 to 2001 when full implementation of the training program could not be done.

Each year the Department graduates a fresh batch of pulmonologists who qualify and eventually become certified Fellows of the Specialty Society, the Philippine College of Chest Physicians.  Over half of all graduates set up practice outside Metro Manila. Every year, the  consultant staff screens and accepts a new batch of trainees in keeping with its mission of sustaining its excellent track-record in training.

In addition to service delivery and training, the consultants and trainees conduct researches, both prospective and retrospective, which have ended up as poster or oral presentations in the specialty organization’s various research gatherings. In addition, most of them are members of the study teams that conduct global, multicenter clinical drug trials either as principal investigators or co-investigators.

For the past years, through the establishment of its own Research Review Committee, the Department has managed to facilitate the formulation of protocols and completion of studies by the training fellows. Such an endeavor has also honed the skills of the consultant staff in the evaluation of research proposals.

Active implementation of the Clinical Management Protocols ensure guideline-based patient care. A few of the guidelines have been updated to make them more relevant and the decision of the staff was to update periodically as new guidelines are formulated on a global level.

The consultant staff and trainees are also involved in the LCP Patient Care Programs, which are essentially preventive and promotive in nature, such as the: LCP Asthma Club, COPD Support Group Program, Bronchiectasis Support Group Program and the Smoking Cessation Program. New and innovative programs will be launched in the coming years in response to the urgent need to bridge gaps in the early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases.

The Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine has emerged to be the most dynamic of all departments in the Lung Center. The members of the staff strive to reach new and exciting goals aligned with the Lung Center’s mission of providing quality service, excellent training and being at the forefront of research. In addition, it has helped set the standards of specialty pulmonary care nationwide and will, hopefully, forge to an even brighter future ahead.

Department Manager III
Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care
and Sleep Medicine

Date : 29 July 2016