The Samahan ng Lusog Baga Association, Inc.(SLBAI) is a non-stock, non-profit association organized at the LCP DOTS Clinic of the Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon Avenue Extension, Quezon City. The association is composed of formerly TB patients who have undergone treatment with anti-TB drugs for 6 months or more, and declared cured at the LCP DOTS Center. We have a total of 30-50 active members. The organization is officially a member of the prestigious 2 multisectoral goups representing the people affected by the TB disease ; the Country Coordinating Committee- responsible in the approval to all proposals for submission to Global Fund for TB, HIV/AIDS, Malaria; and the PhilCAT- Philippine Coalition Against TB.

The association was launched in March 2001 with 15 members only. Currently there are 30-50 active members of the association. Advisers are Dr Vivian S. Lofranco and Dr Raoul C. Villarete. The members are cured, formerly TB/MDRTB patients who voluntarily join and actively performs the rules and functions of the association. 

What are the activities of the association?

  1. Acts as member of the monitoring team of the staff of DOTS clinic who will follow up ongoing patients who interrupted/defaulted treatment.
  2. Acts as peer counselors to on-going patients for treatment compliance
  3. Conducts General Assembly for all members at least 2 times a year or as needed
  4. Plans the annual activities of the association
  5. Conducts election of officers every two years

What are the responsibilities of each member?

  1. Acts as peer counselors to on-going patients for treatment compliance
  2. Refers individual with sign and symptoms of presumptive TB to the DOTS Center for early diagnosis and treatment
  3. Shares experiences or give testimonies during forum, meetings and serves as TB advocates
  4. Promotes DOTS services
  5. Serves as treatment partner if necessary to TB/DRTB cases who lives near his/her house.

What are the privileges of the active members of the association?

  1. Free consultation to all active members at the DOTS Center
  2. Free check up of sputum or chest x-ray examination, if deemed necessary
  3. Free consultation for any other lung ailments at the OPD section upon the recommendation of the DOTS Physician