hospiceHospice Care is a medically directed “end of life” care for the terminally ill and terminally injured patients. It is a “ model quality”, loving and compassionate care ever given to patients by highly professional and spiritually oriented workers. Close to 60% - 75% of admitted patients at the Lung Center of the Philippines are cancer cases and an additional percentage of terminally ill COPD and PTB cases will also die in six(6) months time or less. All of these terminally ill never have the benefit of the care provided by the hospice and they die with all the pains, discomfort, and most of all the fear of death that hangs around their minds fully ignorant of what comes next. The fear of the unknown becomes a dominant mental and emotional force with seemingly unending torture in the minds of patients as well as relatives and they may even become ambivalent or doubtful of their own system of beliefs. Patients may pass away in fear, some still on denial with hard feelings , many with unsolved problems , etc., hospice care may come in and try to help ease these problems so they may pass into the next life peacefully with dignity and relatives fully aware of the reality of death in full acceptance.

hospiceThe primary goal of the HPC is to provide quality supportive hospice and palliative care program for both pediatric and adult patients of the Lung Center of the Philippines and other institutions through the following avenues are:

  1. OUT-PATIENT CONSULTATION SERVICES - For pediatric patients the Felicidad
        Sy Hospice and Palliative Care Unit is open to serve pediatric patients – a
        project of The Philippine Cancer Society and The SM Foundation. LIFE is a new
        partner in the care of pediatric leukemia victims. 
    For adults, the OPD is open to
        serve terminally ill patients.
        1. Pain and other physical symptom assessment and symptom control goal
        2. Nursing care including family and caregiver training and education
        3. Spiritual and pastoral care
        4. Disclosure
        5. Advance care planning
        6. Terminal care planning
        7. Grief and Bereavement Support and Counselling
        8. Coordination of care with the family and various services at primary,
              tertiary community level and resource groups


        1. Offers the full range of services in the out-patient service
        2. Home care and discharge planning
        3. Terminal Care
        4. Provision of Respite Care


        1. Offers the full range of services of the out-patient and in-patient services,
              provided needs are available.
        2. Minor Procedures : wound debridement and care, stoma care,
              tracheostomy care, foley catheter insertions, NGT insertions,
              and thoracentesis and paracentesis.

The Hospice and Palliative Care Center staff has basic knowledge in the following:

    1. Pain and other symptom management
    2. Ethical Principles in Palliative Care
    3. Basic Counselling Skills
    4. Communicating “Bad News”
    5. Goal Setting
    6. Nursing Home Care
    7. Psychosocial intervention, i.e., play therapy, music therapy,etc.
    8. Spiritual Care and Counselling
    9. Grief and Bereavement Counselling

Additional Services unique to the LCP-HPC is the Pre-emptive Crisis Management. It gives the patient and the family 24 hrs. access to providers and immediate access to hospital/acute care and palliative care unit.

Staff of the HPC 2015

    • Sergio N. Andres, Jr., M.D. – Headhospice
    • Rachel Marie B. Rosario, M.D.
    • Aliza S. Macaraya-Pangaibat, M.D.
    • Karen L. Bautista, M.D.
    • Liza Naranjo, M.D.
    • Ernesto Yuson, M.D.
    • Ma. Lorenza Cuadra, R.N.
    • Lourdes B. Navarro, R.N.
    • Jenny Rose Camba, R.N.
    • Bernard Calata, R.N.
    • Raul M. de Guzman


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The Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) was established through Presidential Decree No. 1823 on January 16, 1981 to provide the Filipino people state-of-the-art specialized care for lung and other chest diseases. 


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