The Department of Research and Development (R&D) oversees all research projects at the Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP). It receives, evaluates and coordinates all research activities. It establishes policies and guidelines for the development, writing presentation and approval of research proposal and budget. Thru its Technical Review Board, it provides guidance and technical expertise on protocol development, including sample size estimation and statistical analysis plan. It conducts workshops on Research Methods and Protocol Writing. It spearheads institutional researches as well as coordinates research collaboration with other national and international agencies. The R&D runs the TB Research Team at the LCP’s National Center for Pulmonary Research that performs the observational study A Natural History of Tuberculosis in the Philippines: Molecular Characteristics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, now on its second phase. It spearheads the Lung Cancer Registry to gather and collate the most comprehensive local data on lung cancer. The R&D organizes and conducts the hospital-wide Annual Research Forum as a venue to present the latest completed institutional researches and to train fellows and other hospital staff in oral presentation of scientific papers.

The R&D publishes the Scientific Proceedings, the official journal of the LCP, to share local relevant educational material in the field of respiratory medicine. The Scientific Proceedings publishes original clinical investigations, epidemiological studies, case reports, review articles, evaluation of diagnostic and surgical techniques, and latest updates on management guidelines.

The R&D is in charge of the Medical Library, which provides reading materials, both print and online, and learning opportunities for all hospital staff, as well as medical and allied medical students from outside institutions and the general public. As a training institution, the Medical library furnishes learning materials particularly to training fellows and consultants and other staff alike on patient care, training and research activities.

The R&D is also in charge of the Medical Records Section (MRS). As the repository of all patients’ records, the MRS provides data to the hospital staff directly responsible in patient care management as well as information to decision makers that serves as management tool for sensible planning and evidence based decision making. It is also a source of information for local data gathering in research.

The R&D has developed disease specific hospital programs from which physicians and patients have benefited. Among these are the Home Oxygen Program, COPD Support Group, Asthma School Program, Asthma Clinic Workshop, Asthma Training Center, Tuberculosis Workshop, and Multi-Drug Resistant TB Program. Among the new programs being initiated and developed are the Office for Science Diplomacy, Air Pollution Toxicology, Cancer Genomics, and Artificial Trachea Project.


NORBERTO A. FRANCISCO, MD  -  OIC, Department Manager
GLOANNE C. ADOLOR, MD           -  Medical Specialist II
EMMA L. BAUTISTA                     -  Administrative Officer II
MA. JONAS C. CERVAS                 -  Administrative Assistant I

Research Assistant:

Krizia Chloe R. Rivera, RN          -  Nurse I
Tracy Faye B. Cabico, RN            -  Nurse I
Patricia T. Adia, RN                     -  Nurse I






Department of Research and Development
Rm. 4005, Lung Center of the Philippines
Quezon Ave. Extension, Quezon City 1100
Telephone No: 924-6101 locals 4050 to 4052

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The Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) was established through Presidential Decree No. 1823 on January 16, 1981 to provide the Filipino people state-of-the-art specialized care for lung and other chest diseases. 


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