The program aims to provide support for smokers in order to improve their ability to become and stay nicotine-free.

The general objective of the program is to generate awareness of and promote the early prevention of respiratory and other related diseases through counseling, interview and treatment of smokers.

While the program specific objectives includes:

    • To train Pulmonary fellows, General Practitioners, and other allied
         medical professionals as counselors/advocates
    • To utilize the assistance and service of Pulmonary Fellows in the counseling
         sessions (They shall interview patients at the OPD to determine smokers
         and to
      attend to admitted patients referred to them for counseling.)
    • To develop an effective counseling program
    • To provide counseling to smokers
    • To develop and utilize evaluation tools to assess the effectiveness of the
    • To formulate lecture materials and CDs on how to give up smoking for
         distribution to the public
    • To continue devising new strategies for the improvement and upgrading of the
         program via installing "No Smoking" signages
    • To coordinate with the Department of Health Communicable Disease Program
         and with other related associations for the promotion of the Smoking

Furthermore, the program aims to conduct Smoking Cessation advocacy not only
within the LCP hospital premises but in other hospitals as well by establishing an effective network.

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The Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) was established through Presidential Decree No. 1823 on January 16, 1981 to provide the Filipino people state-of-the-art specialized care for lung and other chest diseases. 


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