The LCP Wellness Gym opened on May 31, 2013 and inaugurated at the second floor (T block) is staffed by 3 Physical Therapy personnel tasked to monitor and supervise clients during operating hours. A service under the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Section, and a project of the Gender and Development Committee. The gym offers five programs namely fat-loss, general fitness for women, toning for women, body building for men and general fitness for men. Click here

Fat-loss and General Fitness Program 

A weight-management program that combines physical activity, nutrition and lifestyle change. This program is designed for obese or overweight clients to help them successfully manage their weight as well as their overall health and for comprehensive fitness program for healthy clients who are interested in staying fit and preventing chronic diseases.

Its objectives are:

  1. To help clients lose weight through various physical activities.
  2. To improve physical fitness of participants as measured by weight and body mass index.
  3. To provide alternative activities for clients undergoing the program to help them make appropriate healthy lifestyle change.
  4. To provide an integrated approach to weight management.
  5. To effectively promote lifestyle change to a wide variety of individuals.
  6. To intensively monitor status of clients during their exercise regimen.
  7. To make available affordable wellness program for clients who needs to be supervised well by a physical therapist.

Who are we looking for…

  • Patients/Clients who are willing to undergo weight reduction program but have difficulty starting and/or continuing a program.
  • Patients/Clients with BMI >/= 25
  • Patients/Clients with known or suspected sleep disorders referred for weight management.

What to Expect…

  • Consultation with a dietician
  • Evaluation of Exercise capacity, physical activities
  • A 12-week individualized exercise regimen will be given

Where to go…

LCP Gym, 2nd Floor (T-Block) Lung Center of the Philippines

For more information and for further inquiries, please contact us at:
LCP Direct Line: (02) 8924-6101 at local numbers:
LCP Wellness Gym – 2074
Rehabilitation Medicine Division – 3011 to 3012